{ Submissions }

We’re thrilled that you would like to be featured on Daniel aIsle Weddings  we are always looking for new vendors who are getting creative out there and have a fresh unique vision.

steps to submit a real wedding, engagement shoot or editorial shoot:

1. information: your name, location you are based along with the complete vendor details. please credit all vendors involved (links of vendors is appreciated) also note if a vendor is not credited up front, we unfortunately will not be able to go back and add the credit. please also provide the location of the shoot along with the bride and groom’s name.

2. images: 25-75 images that you feel best highlight the wedding including detail shots, portraits, ceremony and reception. images should be emailed via zip file (if possible). in the email please include “submission” in the subject line. we will need individual images at least 700 pixels wide and please remove all watermarks/branding on all images.

3. description: we love to hear all the great details about the wedding. any fun information you can provide is always to great to go along with the feature.

please note once a submission has been accepted and published, it will not be removed or modified. kindly note we try to offer fresh + new inspiration on forget me knot weddings so we do not publish content that has already been published on other blogs (other than your own blog). if you have submitted this for publication elsewhere, please let us know.

after reviewing the submission we will contact you within a week if it has been selected to be featured on forget me knot weddings. unfortunately if we are unable to respond to you personally within a week, please go ahead and submit the submission elsewhere. remember anyone can submit to forget me knot weddings a bride, groom, photographer, planner etc. so we look forward to hearing from you.

if you have any other questions please feel free to send us an email at DIWeddingAssn@gmail.com


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